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Where a fishing vessel is lost during fishing operations we can establish the external forces at work and whether they contributed or were the likely cause of the loss.

Existing reports can be examined in confidence to determine if there is a case to answer. We have world wide experience in advising maritime authorities and individual insurance clients in relation to fishing vessel losses and their resultant claims.

Personal injury claims, where a serious accident has taken place, requires considerable knowledge of fishing operations, practises and the existing health and safety regulations. Keillor Consultants have carried out numerous reports to CPR 35 requirements in support, or defence of a claim.

Most accidents are not fault free, somone or something is responsible. Has the owner complied with all the Health and Safety regulations for the vessel and crew? Alternatively, has the crewman acted in a professional manner for the role he is employed? We can examine all the relevant legislation to determine which, if any, have not been complied with by either party.

In the event of litigation by either party we can produce the necessary objective scientific reports that can be used in arbitration or in a court of law. A typical report will provide clients with likely cause of the accident or loss giving conclusions, recommendations, which will often indicate what action, if any, should be taken. Collaboration with legal teams to advise and support the case in court or to act as an expert witness, can be included in our service.



Marine accidents do happen, however, accidents are often not accidents but negligence or lack of due diligence on someone's part. The problem is how do we establish what the cause or causes, who was negligent or failed to act diligently. Surveyors and adjusters investigations and their reports are rarely an indepth examination of any incident.

Fishing vessel accidents can be a collision, sinking, capsize or grounding and will have a likely cause. We have considerable expertise in marine accident investigation often leading to computer reconstruction of the vessel, its stability and seaworthiness, at the time of the incident.

Moreover, many accidents or losses are during fishing operations and it is here that many investigators lack the knowlege needed to carry out a proper investigation. Computer reconstruction can be used to demonstrate that a particular scenario was likely and that this was the most probable cause of the loss or accident.

Typical Report

1. Preliminary or Full Investigation
2. Examination of data colected
3. Reconstruct vessel and or fishing gear
4. Reconstruct accident and or fishing operations
5. Run tests
6. Analysis of tests and data
7. Conclusions
8. Recommendations
9. Assist lawyers
10. Expert witness