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Commercial fishing by whatever method can have many problems in any one of a number of areas and we have considerable expertise in the following;

Project and Strategic Management

A new project often fails due to lack of project analysis and failure to have suitable strategic plan that will accommodate all the vagaries of commercial fishing. We can help you develop a business plan that has the necessary detail for it to succeed. There is little doubt that commercial fishing is a high investment and high risk business and therefore good planning is very important. The old adage failing to plan is planning to fail holds good for any business and in particular commercial fishing.

If you are considering expansion for existing or new opportunities then a feasibility study can provide management and owners with the means to determine an appropriate strategy for the future.

Fishing Gear

Fishing Gear Design

Fishing gear design is one of the most difficult areas to improve and develop. A combination of commercial fishing experience, scientific presentation and access to a flume tank, gives us the edge in helping clients design the best possible fishing gear. However, it is the practical experience that we bring to any project or problem that we consider to be of greatest benefit to clients.

Furthermore, where required, computer analysis can be carried out to determine point forces acting on the ship. Sea trials to confirm forces likely to act at any point on the vessel can be followed up to confirm the scientific analysis. More important is our hands on fishing experience in all types and sizes of fishing vessels but in particular freezer trawlers and their fishing gear.

Fishing Systems Technology.

In todays business environment adding value to your catch is a must. Consequently, fish catching, freezing and processing systems can be very complex and require careful consideration before installation or modification. Often the systems installed are inadequate or inappropriate. Allow us to examine your systems to confirm their suitability for their intended role.

Engineering Analysis

Selecting the right type and size of engine for the fishing method prosecuted requires experience and technical know how, that many engine manufacturers just do not have. If you are renewing your engine or propulsion systems independent advice is essential. If you have a technical problem we can help.

fishing vessel

Fishing Vessel Design

Buying, designing or modifying a fishing vessel is a major undertaking, which can determine the success or failure of any project.

Many owners prefer to incorporate new design ideas and machinery, that should be independently assessed to minimise teething problems.

Our Maxsurf and Hydromax design and analysis software will allow a wide range of tests to ensure that the stability and other factors, are not in question.