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It is fundamental to successful fishing that the design of the fishing gear is compatible to the species fished and the technical capability of the vessel. Net type, size and construction needs to be appropriate for the power and size of vessel, to ensure maximum efficiency.

Bringing these parameters together to ensure that the vessel is efficient and successful requires experience and knowledge not easily available. We can ensure that you have access to such information. All types of fishing methods from trawling, gill net, line, trap to purse seine.

Keillor Consultants practical and scientific analysis of fishing gear problems is inventive and considerable.

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A key element in the success of any fishing method, such as trawling, is the design and operation of the fishing gear. The most successful vessels combine good science and practical expertise to achieve a robust but practical set of fishing gear. Modern trawling, gill net or purse seine nets can be very successful but only if properly operated and designed.

Lack of fishing success can often be traced back to the net, its rigging or a component part of the fishing gear and or improper design for the species fished. However, no fishing gear acts outside the effects of the ship and the operational decisions of the Skipper and these can have a major effect on fishing efficiency. Nevertheless, these can be analysed to confirm that all actions are compatible to the design of the vessel and the design of the fishing gear.

Our knowledge base of common or unusual problems and their practical solutions is invaluable in providing clients with solutions.

(Mike Keillor instructing at the Flume Tank.)