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Managing Risks.

Underwriting or managing claims of fishing vessels is a major responsibility with
considerable risks attached. Establishing the high risk vessels before underwriting or which claim is most likely to be from lack of due diligence, requires a specialised skill.

Often surveyors or adjusters are under great pressure to consider the interests of the assured rather than underwriters. Keillor Consultants are independent and owe their allegiance only to their client and will investigate on an objective basis in compliance of the insurance act and national or internationally agreed maritime laws.

Fishing Vessel Values. vessel

Modern day fishing vessels are technologically diverse in their design while often looking very similar. Interpreting the market value becomes complex depending on whether a vessel has a particular license or technical capability.

To ensure any hull and machinery valuation is accurate and independent we have developed risk management software that provides an immediate market valuation of the vessel. The criteria used is technical with adjustments to prevailing market conditions.

Under the family procedure rules, we can provide a detailed valuation report of the vessel, fishing gear, its license and any allocated fish quota.

fishing license value

Fishing License and Fish Quota Values

Fishing licenses and their fish quotas are often of greater value than the vessels, without which, the vessel may be worthless.

Allocated fish quotas can also be highly valued or have no value depending on vessel type, its license and fish species. Establishing the true value inherant in the fish quota, is complicated and requires specialist knowledge.

Depending on the fishing method some fishing licenses have considerable value while others are of little or no value. An indepth examination of all the assets is the only certain way of arriving at a fair market valuation that is usable in a court of law.

The Keillor Consultants valuation analysis report can give fishing license and quota values that will reflect their realistic market value.